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Identifying Xbox Revision

This guide will step you through 100% identifying the Xbox revision you have.

While other guides may focus on identifying Xbox revisions by the serial number, manufacture date, DVD drive, or some other combo; these methods are not perfect.

Partial Disassembly

iFixit has a great disassembly guide located here. It should only be necessary to follow up to around step 7.

Identifying Revision

Following the reference image below you can quickly and easily identify your Xbox revision.

Power Connector

  • If the power connector is a single row, like the one pictured, the system is a 1.0/1.1 revision.
  • If the power connector is a dual row then the encoder will need to be checked.


  • If the encoder is a Conexant or Focus then the system is a 1.2 - 1.5 revision (dual row power connector).
  • If the encoder is marked Xcalibur then the system is a 1.6 revision.

Image of Xbox motherboard